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Since Romania is an EU member state, you can expect similar requirements for a business license. However, some licenses or permits might be much more difficult to obtain in Romania than in your domestic country. While bureaucracy can be difficult to navigate, we have mastered it to help you quickly and efficiently.

We can obtain any license in Romania if your company meets formal requirements.



Transportation of cargo over 3,5 tones or passengers is a licensed business activity in Romania.

Transportation license is issued by ARR at the request of entrepreneur. The application must be accompanied by:

  • Certificate of company establishment
  • Documentation on the condition of the vehicles used in your business activity
  • Certificates of a clean criminal record, both the entrepreneur and the company
  • Documentation on the financial abilities to provide transportation business
  • Certificates of professional qualifications obtained by a manager to carry out the transport operations

This license is issued for a 10-year period and you need to receive a copy for each vehicle in your business. These copies are valid for a period of one year.

In addition to a basic transportation license, you might need traffic-specific permits. And, of course, you cars must be registered and overhauled regularly.

In the scope of these activities, your drivers have to hold the driving license and the certificate of a professional competence to drive vehicles over 3,5 tones. In addition, you have to apply for a tachograph card issued by ARR to each such vehicle. Moreover, the vehicles should be provided with a separate tachograph inside.

To transport dangerous goods, such as the explosive items or corrosive substances, it is necessary to obtain additional permits and certificates of your drivers. The documentation shall consist of:

  • Additional transportation license for dangerous goods – it is issued by ARR;
  • The approval certificates for vehicles carrying dangerous goods – it is issued by ARR as well;
  • Confirmation about the appropriate equipment of the vehicles to transport dangerous goods;
  • ADR Certificates – it is required for drivers who will transport dangerous goods.

Passenger transportation has two categories:

  • regular service (for example, transportation of children to school)
  • occasional services (i.e. wedding ceremonies).

In order to provide these kind of a transport, you need to obtain a license to transport people on a specific route. The occasional service is based on a contract with your customer.

Work Agency


There are three main steps for setting up a work agency with employment agency licence:

  1. The establishment of a company having as main activity object the NACE Code 7810 – Activities of the employment agencies;
  2. Authorization (license) by the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity – through the Labor Inspectorate – Territorial Labor Inspectorate;
  3. The registered work agency can now place workers abroad.

In order to carry out this activity, the Employment Agencies shall meet the following conditions:

  • to have the space and the endowments necessary for the good development of the activity;
  • to have employees with experience in the field of labor force;
  • to organize a database containing the offers and requests for jobs abroad, information regarding the conditions of their occupation and the qualifications and skills of the applicants in their records;
  • to conclude agreements that contain firm job offers with legal entities, individuals and employers’ organizations from abroad.

For more details please contact us as we provide full service for entrepreneurs who want to establish a work agency in Romania.

A1 Certificate – posting workers abroad


Whether you work abroad as a freelancer or delegate workers overseas, you must take care of obligatory social security. Any situation relating to the posting of workers to the territory of another country of The European Union generates the obligation to obtain the A1 Certificate for the entrepreneur. This document will be needed in the event that:

  • You post a worker to work in another EU Member State on an interim period,
  • You are a self-employed person and you work temporarily in another the EU Member State,
  • You are a self-employed person and you have at least two activities in the EU Member State.

A1 Certificate confirms that an individual person concerned is covered by social security in the country of one Member State of the European Union. This document avoids the payment of insurance premiums in two countries at the same time. The application must be submitted in National House of Public Pensions (CNPP).

Romanian parliament adopted safeguards against the drainage of labor force from Romania. In order to get A1 certificate a company must operate at least 1 year, proved to have business contracts with other Romanian companies, filed financial statements and paid all taxes to the state budget.



Have you ever been to Romania? If so, you must have noticed a poor spatial planning. If you plan to start a construction investment, you will need to deal with the local authorities to obtain necessary building permits. The application shall be lodged to a relevant city council to get an urban plan, construction approval, etc. Local authorities deliver a docket of information about urban standards of the place of your construction site. In order to get this certificate, you need to support the proposal with identifying factors and topographical plans of your project.

To obtain a permit for construction work, you need to have the following:

  • additional opinions and contracts in regard to building investment, for example agreements with neighbors or relating to preserving historical buildings, near a planned investment;
  • construction project – developed by architects and structural engineers, in accordance with urban certificate and additional agreements.

It is worth to check first whether your type of investment is subject to building permits above, before you start to carry out all formalities.

School or University


There are two type of educational licences:

  1. Accreditation – provided only for professional teachers/schools/universities; the accreditation is given by the Romanian Ministry of Education
  2. Authorisation – provided for all the other categories.

In order for a course to be authorised, the following conditions shall be fulfilled:

  • the form of the company shall be limited liability company (”LLC”) or association / foundation;
  • the company shall have minimum 2 (two) trainers;
  • NACE code 8559 – Other forms of education – shall be included as main object of activity / secondary activity;

It is important to mention that the authorisation is obtained only if occupational standards exist. An Occupational standard is detailed description of the occupation, including the skills acquired. Example: IT technician.

Food trade and production


Food industry in Romania is heavily regulated (even a grocery store), including sanitary requirements. The regulatory focus is put on compliance with food safety and environment protection criteria.

In order to trade food, you need to obtain some basic certificates:

  • Trade permit – this is a document is issued by local authorities. The location of town hall is depended on place of your commercial activity.
  • Certificate issued by a local environment protection agency.
  • Sanitary permit – the registration is done by a health department (ANSVSA). Obtained certificate confirms that your activity meets conditions of health and safety, and your sold products do not put consumer health at risk.
  • Fire protection in your workplace

In case of food production, especially meat production, you must prepare needed manufacturing project as well. This document must be approved by a public health department. ISO certificates are necessary if EU regulations state them.

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