Car Registration


Car registration is reserved only for those holding a Romanian residence certificate or Romania-based businesses. The process is quite lengthy and requires serious reform by authorities to make it fast and friendly for applicants.

The process for a car bought in Romania is as follows:

  1. Obtain documents from seller
  2. Declare a Car to tax authorities
  3. Insure a purchased car
  4. Pay a car registration Tax
  5. Schedule an appointment with DRPCIV
  6. Collect necessary documents
  7. Make an appointment with DRPCIV
  8. Await by mail a new car registration certificate

Imported Car registration


The registration of an imported car takes about 2 months because of long wait time with the Romanian Automobile Register (RAR). They need to process the documents, authenticate the car, and finalize other bureaucratic formalities. The cost of this reached up to 350 euro.

The documents that are required in the process are:

  • Your ID Card and/or company documents,
  • VAT Invoice or agreement,
  • RAR activity request,
  • Registration Documents from the country of origin,
  • Vehicle ID from the country of origin, and
  • ITP proof of validity (RAR does it)

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