Non-EU Workers


Bringing non-EU workers to Romania is a time-consuming process, and can take up to 4 months. There are 3 stages in the process:

  1. Work approval
  2. 1-year work visa (type D)
  3. Work permit & personal residence in Romania

Upon completion of the last step, a non-EU worker can work for the employer who initiated the procedure. The employment relationship can, of course, be resolved at any time. A new employer does not need to re-initiate the whole procedure, if the original sponsor of the visa releases a specific document to an employee. After one year, an employment visa can be renewed for about 100 euro incl. our service.



If you would like to hire a non-EU resident and go through the process on your own as a company, please find a list of documents you must collect in order to hire a non-EU citizen.

  • Curriculum vitae (CV) of a candidate, which also contains his or her attestation of no criminal record, medical fitness, and a minimum knowledge of the Romanian language,
  • Education certificates and diplomas, translated and notarized, according to the law; some shall be accompanied by the certificate of recognition issued by the Ministry of Education and Research, under the conditions provided by legislation in the field,
  • Documents attesting professional qualification if is necessary for a job position,
  • Copy of border crossing document (valid passport, travel document, a copy of the residence permit in Romania, etc.),
  • Criminal record or other document of the same legal value issued by the authorities of the country of candidate’s origin or residence, and
  • Two 3/4 photos
  • Official request for an employment of a non-EU employee from an employer,
  • Proxy for a business representative who applies for a work permit and visa,
  • Certificate of business registration (original and copy of trade register),
  • The Certificate issued by the Trade Register Office, which attests no record of a pending bankruptcy,
  • Fiscal certificate that confirms payment of taxes for the last quarter issued by fiscal authorities in territorial jurisdiction of the employer headquarters,
  • Job description and vacancies,
  • Proof of publishing the vacancy announcement in a recognized newspaper (e.g. newspaper clip),
  • Job offer,
  • Copy of minutes of the selection of candidates for a vacant post (date, number of candidates and a reason why a candidate was selected),
  • Criminal record of an employee.

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