Personal Residence


No stress no pain – get a personal and fiscal residence in Romania with our service.

Enjoy 5% dividend tax or 10% personal income tax as a Romanian resident!

In general, a resident is a person who:

  • is domiciled in Romania,
  • has the centre of vital interests in Romania,
  • is present in Romania for a period or periods that exceed 183 days in any period of 12 consecutive months ending in the calendar year concerned.

We assist you to get a personal residence certificate (Romanian personal ID number) and guide you how to meet all legal requirements not to be subject to double taxation in two or more jurisdictions.

Personal Residence for Entrepreneurs


Obtaining a personal residence is a truly simplified process for those individuals who set-up a company with our service. We obtain a certificate of residence for you that includes CNP(Personal ID code) and entitles you to pay personal taxes in Romania. This is especially beneficial as dividend tax in Romania is 5%. If you get capital gains or other personal revenues the tax rate is set at 10%. That is significantly less than in most socialist countries like Poland, Italy, France or Spain.

You can get it within a few working days with our service. The certificate is valid for 5 years and you can prolong it for another 5 years.

Long term residence plastic card

Personal Residence for EU/EEA/Swiss workers


In a basic scenario if a worker is planned to work for a Romanian entity he needs to get a personal residence in Romania i.a. for social securities. This is mandatory if the stay in Romania is over 90 days within a 6-month period. A personal residence certificate is issued usually within 2-3 days of application and valid for 5 years. The right to reside in Romania can be extended for another 5 or 10 year period. A Romanian plastic ID card for new residents is issued after 5 years of stay, usually within 90 days period.

Personal Residence for non-EU workers


Long-term residence permit procedure is for more complicated and burdensome for a non-EU citizen. Personal residence permit is granted by Romanian immigration authorities for 1 year and is extendable.

This is usually a lengthy and costly procedure which takes ca. 90 days. Regular procedure require and employer to get a work approval, work VISA and work permit for a non-EU worker. The whole procedure is far more easier when a non-EU immigrant has at least a temporary stay permit in Romania.

Share capital of 50 000 euro (not necessary for US/Canadian immigrants) is a prerequisite for non-EU citizen who wants to get a permanent stay in Romania.

You must be employed in Romania and receive a monthly salary of at least 2 average gross monthly salaries. After 18-months you can move freely into another country for employment purposes. EU blue Card is issued for 2 years at first and can be extended.

Joining your family gives you a right to stay 1 year in Romania and extend the stay afterwards. Family members of some non-EU nationals can enter Romania together with the main applicant. Non-EU spouses and children at any age must obtain approvals from the General Inspectorate for Immigration, long-stay D-type visas and a residence permit.

A solid confirmation from a University or research institute is required.

Joining a NGO organisation is also an option which proves to be effective in some cases.

A medical institution has to confirm your treatment.

You must submit a proof of sufficient funds for your stay at the amount of at least a monthly gross average salary in Romania.