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Company Romania has on board native Romanian writers and speakers who provide highest quality translation service. We provide more than just word-for-word translations, our linguists are able to ensure that every document makes perfect sense and flows well once translated. We usually translate our clients’ websites into Romanian language so they can expand their business to Romanians.

Our linguistic experts deeply understand many industries therefore we can provide accurate translation service, regardless of their niche. Our analytical minds help us promise the very best English-Romanian translations. Our expert translators have background knowledge in IT, transport, marketing, education services, production, leisure, medical and many more industries, ensuring niche-specific translations.

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Website translation into Romanian


We translate customer websites from to Romanian language.

We ensure the following website translations:

  • English-Romanian
  • Spanish-Romanian
  • Ukrainian-Romanian
  • Polish-Romanian
  • German-Romanian

and more.

Certified translations


Our top-notch sworn translators deliver certified translations into Romanian language. A translation certified by a sworn translator is required especially for all kinds of official documents i.a.:

corporate statute and certificates,

  • licences,
  • diplomas,
  • birth certificates,
  • civil status records,
  • notarial deeds,
  • contracts, e.g. employment contracts, purchase and sale agreements,

Price of translations


The standard translation of 1000 signs into Romanian language costs on average 30-40 LEI. There are many factors that influence the final price:

  • deadline,
  • nature of a text,
  • total order amount.

Certified sworn translations cannot be charged less than the government stated fee per A4 page.

About Romanian language

Romanian language has its roots in old Roman times. It is a Latin language extensively influenced by Slavic languages. It is estimated that initially 50% of words were borrowed from the Slavs. Nowadays a Romanian language consists of approximately 15% slavic words.

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