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CompanyRomania.com has a dedicated team of company formation specialists based in Romania and Poland, experienced in incorporating Limited Liability Companies(LLC) and Public Limited Companies(PLC). Our team is led by Szymon Ziemba, former KPMG consultant and online entrepreneur.

In 2018, Szymon moved to Romania and experienced many limitations of company formation services. He decided to launch his service shortly after his arrival to Romania.

Great understanding of the client’s business and industry, and tailoring the best legal solution are the landmarks of service delivered by CompanyRomania.com. With CompanyRomania.com a client does not need to worry about bureaucracy, formal problems, legal or banking issues for a new company. These issues are resolved by CompanyRomania team.

We are focused to bringing you the best service at a reasonable price. The average return from investment in a new company in Romania for our clients is 3-4 months due to relatively low taxes in Romania and our affordable prices of accounting services.

If you would like to get in touch with us today you can contact us here (link to contact page) or feel free to browse our website.

Szymon Ziemba

Szymon Ziemba

  • Financier, ex-financial auditor
  • Entrepreneur in Romania since 2018
  • Graduate of Nottingham Business School with double MSc degree in European Business and Finance, and Finance and Accounting

He started his career in analytical and credit departments of PKO BP bank, economic analysis department of Raiffeisen Bank to continue his career in financial audit and M&A department of KPMG corporation.

In the following years he held managerial positions in a production company dealing with investments, before starting his first internet start-up in 2013. Founder, among others, of the online financial service Rekin Finansów, since 2018 he has assisted clients in setting up companies in Romania.

Ramona Denau

Ramona Denau

  • Tax advisor, law specialist
  • Over 10 years’ experience in tax & law advisory
  • Graduate of University of Bucharest
  • ex-editor/journalist at CNN.com, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance

She obtained a masters’ degree in Law at University of Bucharest. She also completed a journalism studies program at Liverpool University in the UK in 2015. She advises on Romanian trade law and corporate tax at Company Romania.