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Establishing company in a new jurisdiction can be complex. We can make it easy and fast for you.

Responsibility, Reliability and Quality are our core values. All services were approved by Szymon Ziemba, a Polish financial blogger and entrepreneur who moved to Romania in 2018. Szymon is actively engaged in every company formation to ensure a legal solution is tailored to any type of business. We mitigate risks and present customers with the opportunities. All services a new business needs are here.

No. However, a personal taxation scheme for Limited Liability Company (LLC) is among the most attractive in the world. If you have a personal residence certificate in Romania, you are entitled to pay only 5% dividend tax (if you withdraw a profit from your LLC). With appropriate precautions, your global income can be taxed in Romania on beneficial terms, e.g. personal capital gains tax can be 10%, if you are a Romanian resident.

In a basic scenario: if your company generates over €1M in a year, you are moved to the CIT scheme which is 16% (calculated on company profit, not revenue). However, our unique services can ensure that you only pay 1% tax on revenue, even if your company exceeds €1M.

We pay much attention to ensure that price/quality ratio is the best on the market. No hidden fees. We work with most qualified experts in Romania. Our price is fair and usually starts with 1,500 euro including all costs and fees so your company is up and ready to start doing business.

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