Bank accounts


Banking in Romania is expensive and teeming with bureaucracy. Service may not be the same in Romania as it is in your home country. Every transfer inbound or outbound transfer is taxed by a bank – usually at least 1 euro. For large transfers, bank calculate commissions as  a % of the amount which is truly unfavorable for a client. International transfers and currency exchange are costly. Usually, a monthly fee for a bank account is also significant.

The real pain is to set up a bank account for a company in a Romanian bank. A day spent on trials and errors with no success is a common scenario. A new EU regulation from 2020 banned setting-up accounts by a proxy, therefore the owners of a company must do it personally with a full load of company documents in hand.

Multicurrency bank account

All of our clients set up a multicurrency account at WISE, which offers a RON Iban number account – necessary for a receipt RON currency and helpful with tax payments/tax returns. Wise offers a multicurrency account so you can send and receive international transfers without a currency exchange margin. Currency exchange at Wise is much better for a customer then in Romanian banks. By setting up a Wise account via our Website you might receive an extra welcome bonus.

We also recommend some banks in Romania if you need to build your financial history for future bank loans.

Business Loans


Romanian banks typically have strict lending policies. As of May 2021, the interest rate was at 1.25%, compared to zero interest rates in Europe. We always present a comparison of offers from banks so you can choose the best offer for you.

Bank loans:

  1. Overdraft
  2. Revolving loan
  3. Factoring
  4. Investment loans

Private loan backed by property

We offer a private loan from 5 000 to 500 000 euro if we can secure it on your property in Romania or another country. This solution is preferred by start-ups and those who value time. The cost of such loan varies from 16% to 22%.

Personal loans


We work with all banks in Romania so you can get the best priced consumption or mortgage loans for your personal purposes.

We are here to help you!